Work from home: Everything you need to know about working for Sykes/Alpine Access

Hi there! I’m Minister Neecy, a woman of faith, wife, mother, grandmother, blogger in my own right, and this is my website. I live in the mid-west, have a dog named Teddy, and I’m addicted to ole’school love songs.

My purpose is to encourage, inspire, and help others find clarity in life. My passion is serving any way I can.

Her Scripture blog is a by product of many since my blogging journey began in 2008. Self-taught blogger, incidental writer, is how I describe what I do here. My hope is that you will engage, contribute and be a light in somebody’s darkness by sharing wisdom, compassion, experience, and last but not least, Love.

No subject is off limits, everybody counts, opinions not only matter but encouraged.

Welcome to my humble faith inspired blog.

Minister Neecy

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