Ever since the beginning of time, the world has had to deal with homosexuality on some level. The level of hypocrisy associated with homosexuality is mind-blowing. Most would agree that the 21st century was the pivotal point of when gays began to come out in record numbers, if ever there was a time.

But, before we get too deep off into “gay matters” let’s stop here and talk about the featured issue “10 signs you’re a hypocrite in the closet Christian.” Sorry, and no, this article is not about gays? So, if you were all geared up to jump on the “gay bashing” train, that’s not where we’re headed. We won’t entertain the abortion issue either for the same reason, manifestation of hypocrisy.

Life is not a wedding

My comparison to gays in the closet is just that, only a comparison.
To better understand how the two groups compare we should discuss what being in the closet as a gay person means. I stopped short of saying “what being in the closet as a gay person “meant” because there are still gays in the closet. Since I am a simple kind of girl I’ll use the “Urban Dictionary” to define the term “in the closet.”

In the closet ~ “A term used to describe a homosexual person who has not told anyone of his/her sexual orientation.” The Urban Dictionary []

In the Closet Christian ~ A ‘new term’ I use to describe a professed Christian who has not shown evidence of having a relationship with Christ.

In case you have not figured it out yet, I address issues most church leaders and Christians refuse to discuss, even though the early church did. We can no longer afford to sit on our hands as though using them to lead others to Christ is too much work. Cherry-picking Scripture to pacify short-comings is not acceptable.

10 Signs you’re a hypocrite in the closet Christian

  1. You don’t know the Bible for yourself so you depend others to interpret Scripture
  2. You believe with all your heart that God put you here to judge others
  3. You refuse to call out religious leaders who stray from God’s Word
  4. You don’t believe all men are created equal
  5. You believe you’ve done enough good to get to heaven on your own merit
  6. You hate gays, but love liars, adulterers, false prophets, money, prestige, power
  7. You only like people who love you
  8. You are never satisfied, and believe you deserve more than God has already given you
  9. Your heart is cold, lacking the empathy the Lord expects from Christians
  10.  You worship your pastor, but look down on the people God charged him or her to lead
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