Babylon looks good compared to America and that's sad

Babylon was a key kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia from the 18th to 6th centuries BC. The city was built on the Euphrates river and divided in equal parts along its left and right banks, with steep embankments to contain the river’s seasonal floods. Pay attention to where and how Babylon was situated. It was a place people wanted to be.

Child abuse, adultery, murder, child neglect, fathers raping daughter’s, mother’s having unwanted babies, racial divide, social injustice, pornography, hypocrisy, selective scriptures, oppressing the poor, taking religion out of schools, refusing to raise children up in the way they should go, children killing children, people allowing priests to molest their boys for decades, innocent people being sent to jail, guilty people walking the streets, idolatry, crooked police, corrupt judges, institutional racism, and lynching are just a few sins that God hates most.

Remember Babylon?

Do you find it odd that many who profess to be appalled by abortion can live with the stench of racism, or religious hypocrisy?

Well, you are not alone. It’s time for every professed believer to decide who’s side they want to be on. For everyone who chooses Jesus as Lord and Savior, change may be in order. The time for calling out others for behavior, or actions unacceptable to the Father, while refusing to acknowledge one’s own must end. That’s if eternal life is a goal.

Who knew that a day would come when Babylon would appear more like Jesus than America and that’s sad!”

If you’re like a lot of people today, including “yours truly,” life probably didn’t pan out like you thought it would. Perhaps you think you’ve been cheated out something that you deserved. Deserve is the key word here. When we convince ourselves that God didn’t give us all we deserve we insult Him.

After all, He knows everything we’ve done during our lifetime, both good and bad, making Him well aware of what each one of us deserves. One must consider that having it both ways is not an option. If people take issue with not receiving good things they believe they deserve, they should also be as concerned about God not treating them as their sins deserved. How often do we see evidence of the latter?

That said, if we examine our lives methodically, resist the urge to feel deprived in any way, own both good and bad decisions, behavior, thoughts, and beliefs; God will show us how fortunate we are. We are here today because God doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve. No matter how much good we think we’ve done it pales to that which was not good.

Sin is the source of our pain, unquenched thirsts, never-ending search for acceptance, and empty relationships. The end-result of living in sin is spiritual death. Understanding the source of emotional, and spiritual pain is the first step toward living happy, fulfilled lives. Surely believers know that God never misappropriates His blessings. They go where He sends them, at the appropriate time, not necessarily when we think we deserve them?

Basically when we hurt, we want to blame somebody for not showing our wounds love. God on the other hand, teaches us to depend on him for everything, especially when healing is in order.

Obeying this command is critical and crucial in our walk with Christ, as well as in our overall Christian journey. There are grave consequences for refusing to obey God. On the other hand obeying gets you favor, or shelter from the storms of life. He never promised to keep us from experiencing storms; He just said He would get us through them.

When we don’t obey God, we should expect discord, spiritual confrontation, in many forms. It can be verbal, physical, spiritual or emotional. Hands down, spiritual confrontation is the most invasive face-off Christians encounter during their lifetime.

That’s because spirits are highly diverse. There’s one applicable for every phase of life.” Of course the Spirit with the greatest reverence is “The Spirit of The Lord.”

Next would be the Holy Ghost. When He calls you better answer, or you just might find yourself like the Babylonians. You probably think that comparing Babylon to the modern world is pushing the envelope? In my opinion, making that comparison is not too far-fetched.

Once upon a time God called on Isaiah to lead a spiritually declining people. Isaiah wasn’t just any man; he was a prophet, with a mainline to the king and other prominent leaders.

The essence of Isaiah’s message strategically targeted sin. It addressed, but was not limited to calling out those guilty of idolatry, and ungodly practices. However, Isaiah didn’t just preach fire and brimstone, he provided God’s people with an explanation for what was about to happen to them as a result of sinful living. Furthermore, Isaiah revealed the error of their ways.

Isaiah crafted a dual purposed message, one that charged God’s children with disobedience , while leaving them with words designed to lift their spirits. Isaiah left the people with a vision, one that assured them that trouble wouldn’t last always. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize the spiritual brilliant effectiveness and delivery of Isaiah’s message from God.

Essentially Isaiah promised God’s rebellious children a reward in exchange for changing how they lived. Additionally, he assured them that God’s anger and wrath would subside in time. In short, Isaiah told God’s wicked people that while the Lord had had enough, His grace was still abundant, more than adequate. In other words, Isaiah wanted the people to know that no matter how far left they strayed, the grace of God, and the righteousness of the Lord would restore them.

Essentially, the information highway didn’t shut down there. Isaiah went on to explain to the people that God wanted them to have pure and obedient hearts. God wanted them and us to worship him intentionally. Yes, in the Book of Isaiah, we learn that God gets fed up too. He wants us to come to Him of our own velition, voluntarily, never by force.  We must beware of trying God, or His patience, because eventually anger and wrath may follow.

This is what happened when He used Assyria as a weapon to topple of Babylon, a sinful city, remembered for it’s pagan worship, and obscene wickedness. Most of us can relate to a time when we felt like we had taken all we could take.

Here something had to give and it did, both inadvertently and intentionally.

Inadvertently in present times, applies to unlikely, unexpected situations, or results, like when “the poop hits the fan, something sinister got so big that it blew up; got exposed, then spun out of control.” An example in modern-day times involves priests. Inadvertently, the world allowed priests to mask twisted sexual appetites, disgusting, and lewd behavior, fueled by perverted minds, and depraved lust for children. As a result of these perverted acts children suffer emotionally, psychologically, as well as physically. When justice prevails child molesters, and abusers go to prison, the most important intentional act people who love children long to witness.

Sometimes sin becomes so corrosive that angels intervene on behalf of the Holy Spirit in response to calls for common decency. What humans feel when fed up is totally different from what God feels when He’s fed up. He is “The Great I AM, Creator of everything, Master of the universe and King of all kings: when He gets fed up He renders swift, penetrating judgment. The Lord hates to see His creations loving and living ungodly lives.

Unlike man, God is never perplexed only disappointed when man chooses sin over salvation. No matter how complex his children’s sins are, He constructs beneficial, sanctions that are always transgression specific. It goes without saying, the more sin, the more sanctions. The problem for us, after repeatedly refusing to heed to the Lord’s warnings is that “sometimes God’s antidote is extremely harsh.” The good thing about God’s discipline is, there’s a method to his madness. Everything He does, He does for the good of his children. The bad thing for us is that sometimes He can’t reach us, until we hit a wall.  God implements actions designed to correct, teach, and eventually bring us back to his arms.

God knows when a person’s fed-up, because He sees that they’ve also given up, on him and on themselves.
Each and every one of them are looking for answers to questions, nobody in their circle can answer. Fed up is the new “fractured.” Fractures need medical attention, mending, a gentile touch. When fractures go untreated they don’t heal properly, they never perform as God intended.

You don’t want to anger God or drive him to declaring wrath in your life, because his wrath is no joke.
You can only survive it if He alone lets you. Most important, “there is nothing you can do on your own to thwart it.” If He said it will be, it will be. This world, definitely America, looks a lot like Babylon, possibly even more wicked.

Why would God be any less angry with us?

Minister Neecy

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