One of the most important “Spiritual Gifts” a Christian can have is an ability to encourage another. Inspiring inadvertently emboldens, while provoking the lost  to stay the course.  Never take the gift of encouragement lightly, it is of great significance. To have it one must believe and have faith in God. To use it, you must ask God for permission as well as guidance.

Another precious spiritual gift is “the spirit of discernment.” Discerning is different from guessing? To discern is to feel deeply, find and empathize. Additionally, the Spirit of discernment empowers the holder with a capacity to not only detect feelings, but to care about those feelings as well. Essentially, to discern is to extract that which only God can release. 

How to discover Spiritual Gifts and use them the way God intended

The spiritual gift of discernment is to have a divine sense of perception, keen ability of detection. Religious leaders, God’s helpers, those called by Him are more effective in leading souls to Christ when they have a spirit of discernment.

Another spiritual Gift is God Himself. The Bible teaches us that God the Trinity is,” the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The Holy spirit is alivee. Storms (2013) stated, “He puts Himself on display is what God does through the Spirit that works through His power.” To acquire “Spiritual Gifts” from God we must want God in our lives, that’s another valuable lesson I learned from watching the video “Spiritual Gifts.” Spiritual gifts are an essential foundation of the body of Christ.

These gifts equip us to lead souls to Christ. Some believe that spiritual gifts died out, (cessation). Others, like guest speaker “Storms” embrace “continuationism.” Continuationism holds that all gifts of the Spirit are operative in the church today and is how God wants His children edified. Corinthians evidences marked evidence of the Spirit of God yet at some point they began to misuse the Spirit.

The Father did not impart the Holy Spirit within any of His children to use for self-serving rewards like predicting futures. Instead, God commands that spiritual gifts be used for encouraging, consoling the heavy-hearted, and edifying. Spiritual Gifts are unlike man-inspired gifts; while you can lose them, if you don’t use them, only God can restore them!

Angelic dialect is another type of spiritual gift that should only be used to interpret due to its ineffectiveness, if the hearer does not comprehend the message.


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